July 9, 2012

Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

Back in Middle School, during the always-dreaded Study Skills class, I was taught tricks to taking standardized tests.  Most of the tricks ended up being useless, especially the one about 'always choosing C if you don't know the answer'.

One trick, however, has proved to be true time and time again, both in testing and in life.

Never second-guess yourself.

The first answer you come up with is usually the right one.  

The first path that knocks on the door of your mind is usually the one you should follow.

Stop listening to your own weak excuses.  They are not helping you.

Instead, start listening to yourself.

Start listening to that voice deep within you telling you the things you always knew to be true in the first place.

Stop second guessing yourself.

The voice telling you to stop doing what you love is a voice you need to muffle.

Never apologize for doing what you love and being who you are.


  1. I had the same lecturer one week tell us that 'C' is statistically the best answer to choose on a multiple choice test, then the very next week tell us that 'B' is statistically the best! Never trusted that lecturer again! Never second guess yourself is much more sound advice though :)

    1. Sometimes taking your own advice is the best thing to do! Thank you so much for commenting, Catherine!



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